All you need is love

I realise I may be a little late to the party with this, but I wanted to do a quick post on celebrating Valentines Day on a budget.

Now, Valentines Day can be somewhat divisive by nature, my stance is it’s nice to par take in, but it’s most certainly not very personal; anniversaries and birthdays with your guy or gal are far more special.

That said, I’m not one to pass up wining and dining, and perhaps a few little gifts.

Having considered it’s not really that special, and we’re both on a tight student budget my boyfriend and I agreed not to go mad, and to just spend a small amount on each other.


Now this is a tricky one, as this is by no means intended to be a post telling you what to buy: I  think those can be a bit pointless as a good gift should be personal to whomever it’s for. Instead, these are just a couple of ideas of nice things you can get on a budget.

I think food and drink is always a great idea when buying on a budget. Why not get them their favourite cake, chocolate or a bottle of their beverage of choice? I think this ticks all the boxes; personal, inexpensive and you know they’re going to enjoy it!

If you know they like a good flick through a magazine, why not buy them this month’s issue of their favourite, or even a new one you think may be up their street? For me magazines are always a bit of a luxury, so if someone was to buy me Vogue or Instyle I would  be most impressed.

Finally a bit of a silly one; scratch cards! Why not give them this gift of hope (almost certainly followed by disappointment, but lets not dwell on that…). In Supermarkets or corner shops there are Valentines Day ones with little hearts on *aww* and they’re only a pound. Lets not forget, someone has got to win, so if you’re lover is one of the lucky ones, they may even upgrade your Valentines date, Champagne anyone?


Call me cheap, but it pains me to buy wrapping paper; it may look pretty, but it’s expensive and you know it’s going to end up in the bin. So here’s my simple, quick and cheap DIY solution.

All you need is lined paper, a red pen, cello tape and scissors.

Simply take your red pen and draw hearts all over your lined paper, in various sizes in an abstract fashion, no artistic skills required. Then use this to wrap your gifts in! It sounds silly but I think it gives a cute, home made look to your wrapping, and it’s essentially free.



This post may seem biased to those loved up, but I think this wrapping idea can work for any occasion. I hope everyone has a LOVE-ly Valentines day, whatever their plans.

Ciao, Bella



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