Friday I’m in Love | New Balance


I’ve decided to start posting weekly on a friday about the item, song, designer, or whatever I’ve been loving the most that week.

I simply must show some love for my New Balance 410’s this week. It’s been a busy week, and they’ve served me well.

They’re perhaps the most comfy shoes I own, which was useful this week as I was a dresser at the Leeds RAG Fashion Show last night. There were a few rehearsals, and these shoes made running around after the models a lot easier.

I got these instead of the Nike Free Runs which I’d had my eye on for a while, but I just couldn’t justify spending £80 on trainers.

So I opted for a pair of the black New Balances, although they’ve sold out on the New Balance site, I tracked them down here for just £50.

Hope you’re having a great Friday! What have you been loving this week?

Watch the amazing Leeds RAG Fashion Show here (skip to 33.30 for the show to start).

Ciao, Bella x


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