Friday I’m in Love | Kelela

kelela 2

Kelela (pronounced Kuh-lay-la) is by no means new on the music scene. Her mix tape Cut 4 Me that earned her a lot of attention was released around 6 months ago now. The 30-year-old LA rapper/songstress works with LA label Fade to Mind, sister label to the UK’s Night Slugs, both of which are at the forefront of innovative new music. Kelela is no exception.

Cut 4 Me is certainly worth a listen, however the song which motivated me to write this post is Go All Night. A dreamy and romantic mixture of classic R’n’B vocals, which make me nostalgic for some early 2000’s Ashanti, and modern production that makes the track stand up in today’s music landscape. Her vocals are exceptional in a way I’ve only recently observed from one other LA based badass, Banks.

I haven’t stopped listening to this all week, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so until I’m sick of it. I have been ferociously Googling ‘Kelela-UK-tour’ this afternoon, and can reveal she is playing two upcoming festivals this spring in the UK; Elsewhere and Everywhere. Both are organised by Nottingham’s Dollop, and look to be some of the best of the UK’s offering of festivals this spring. Held in London and Nottingham respectively both are proving to be very popular so get your tickets while they last kids!

Also did I mention Kelela was in this month’s Vogue rocking that Alexander Wang PJ-esque co-ord. Yeah.



Download Cut 4 Me here.

Tickets for Everywhere and Elsewhere can be found here.

What’s do you think of Kelela?

Ciao, Bella

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