Budapest Photo Diary


This past week has been spent soaking up some culture, a little bit of sun, and a fair bit of alcohol in the beautiful Budapest.

I’m perhaps feeling a bit more worn out than chilled out after a five day trip with my lovely friends and boyfriend, but in a good way, you know?

Before I left I was a very lucky girl as my parents bought me a rather amazing camera as an early 20th birthday present. So, naturally I spent the whole trip falling behind the group, where ever we were walking, in order to take lots of photos and film a bit too. I thought I’d share some of my pictures with you, and tell you about the best things we did.


The best day weather wise was our last day. We spent it on the rather unexpectedly beautiful and green Margret Island, an Island in between Buda and Pest (somewhat similar to the  Île SaintLouis in Paris). We soaked up the sun and searched for the elusive six-seater bike, and got distracted by a little farm and making daisy chains along the way. 


The architecture in budapest is truly stunning, everywhere you look the buildings are beautiful. We spent one morning strolling along the river, you can see their pretty amazing Houses of Parliament above.


Next we made our way up to Buda Castle, supposedly a great viewpoint. The other girls got a cable car up to the top of the hill, and the boys & I walked. The walk is lovely, and not as steep as it might appear from the bottom, so I’d recommend you save your money and walk up.


Once at the top the first thing that caught our eye was the opportunity to dress up as Medieval Kings, or even better Princesses. Childish, but most certainly a lot of fun, we pranced around the statues laughing and jumping, and soon became just as much a tourist attraction as the Castle itself.

Once we’d had our dress up fun, we headed over to the viewpoint to soak up the beautiful Buda and Pest. We were all a bit fragile from the  night before and the height made us feel a little woozy, but it was most definitely worth it for the view.


One of the best things about Budapest other than it’s beauty, architecture, and culture is it’s nightlife.

In doing our research we’d gathered that a night out here would be much cheaper than at home, however I don’t think we really expected it to be quite as cheap as it was. To give you a rough idea a Mojito was around £2 and a glass of house wine was 90p. Yes, you read that right, ninety pence. Budapest is renowned for it Ruin Bars,  and they are unlike any bar I’ve been to before. They span what seems to be entire buildings, and are steeped in eclectic decorations, with the graffiti of excited visitors (us included) covering the walls. First we went to perhaps the most famous, Szimpla Kert we were so excited as we made out way through the  maze of rooms, 90p wine in hand, wondering what was around the next corner.


The other ruin bar we visited was conveniently on our street, and is another of Budapest’s most famous ruin bars: Instant. It’s even  bigger than Szimpla and boasts twenty-one rooms, all with a different vibe and feel. The main rooms were buzzing, and the decorations were great, however some of the rooms were a little lacking in atmosphere, however all in all it made for a very good night.


On the last night we were lucky enough that Breach was playing at a club called Corvinteto. If you visit Budapest make sure you look at their listings beforehand and see if anything takes your fancy. It was right at the top of a massively tall building. You make your way up copious stairs, all heavily graffitied with signitures and stickers. Just as you find yourself thinking ‘is there actually a club here, or is this a joke?’, you reach the door. As well as lots of tables inside to chill out at, a photo-booth, and a huge main room, but also a lovely open air roof garden. Breach killed it, and the whole Corvinteto experience made for an amazing last night in Budapest.


It was a wonderful trip all in all, and if you’re on a budget I cant recommend Budapest highly enough for a short break; it’s a perfect mix of culture and nightlife. I had the best time with my friends and made a little video of our trip from bits and bobs I filmed whilst we were exploring.

Have a look…

Budapest | Where to go


Instant Bar

Szimpla Kert







Buda Castle

House of Terror Museum

Chain Bridge

Margret Island

Széchenyi Baths


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