People say we Monki around

Since opening its first UK shop in London last year Monki is a brand that’s become a firm favorite within the UK fashion blogger world. In fact it was LLYMLRS aka Lily Melrose, and Beauty Crush’s Sammi, who first brought their simple but oh-so cool designs to my attention. Monki is a sister brand to the well-established cheap Monday, and describes itself as a ‘combination of the more simple minimalistic Scandinavian fashion sense and a more expressive street style’.  Although they have some colourful pieces, the line is made up mainly of moody blacks, whites and greys, which is perfect for a grungey, winter look. Their simple pieces, often oversized, scream out to be layered-which is always a key trend for autumn/winter, and practical as the weather begins to pack in too! The only downfall is they currently only have one UK shop on Carnaby Street, which is a long way from Leeds, but that’s why internet shopping exists right? Their website is wonderful, each item has a thoughtful description, to me little things like that take a brand from good to great.

Here are some bits from their site which I’m sure will make it onto your payday wish list…

Skirt £30, Scarf £15, Jacket £50, Boots £35, Oversized Jumper £20




Ciao, Bella