True Love, Lost

Please help!

I’ve fallen in love, with a skirt.

I’ve been on the hunt for a while for the perfect, leather, but not really leather skirt. Real leather is a bit out of my price range you see. I wanted one that was very plain, so would go with everything, no zips, or studs. Pleather can often end up looking fake, so I wanted one that didn’t scream ‘I’m not real!’

After much searching, I found the perfect skirt. H&M came through for me and ticked all the boxes, and for only £14.99!

But alas, I’m not the only girl who has been lusting after the perfect leather skirt, and it’s sold out everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Sad but true, I’ve become slightly obsessed with finding it, checking both of the H&M’s in Leeds around once a week, but no luck! I’ve not wanted an item of clothing so badly for a long time.


So please, if you’re lucky enough find the perfect pleather skirt in your size, grab it, and never let it go!



Ciao, Bella