Haul #1

I’ve been pondering what to do for my first real blog post, and I decided to do a shopping haul post as  these are the posts I enjoy myself on other blogs.

I think it gives you a good idea of what the person behind the blog is like, their taste and what they like!

So today I went shopping with my one best friends Harrie AKA Harold. She works at Waitrose and thus gets a great 25% discount at John Lewis, and as we are off to uni soon and she’ll be parting ways with Waitrose, we thought we’d rinse the discount for all it’s worth

I really love John Lewis for beauty products, it’s perhaps a bit more luxurious, brand wise, than what I usually buy, but with the discount in mind, I thought it was about time to stock up on some of my favourite little luxuries..

First stop: Benefit

Recently I’ve stared filling in my eyebrows, I have really dark hair so I think a good defined eyebrow works well, and feel that the eyebrows are generally very overlooked, and can make or break your makeup (please note, by ‘defined’ I do not mean a scouse brow!)

Benefit ‘BrowZings’

I’d just been filling them in with a small amount of black eye shadow, but I decided it was time to up-grade, so I went for Benefit’s BrowZings, inside it’s half a wax (too keep ‘fly-aways’ at bay) and half brown powder to give that definition, I’ll perhaps do a little review of this once I’ve had time to use it more!

My next splurge was less of an impulsve buy, and more of and old favourite, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ mascara.

This is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used. I’ve actually had people ask me, ‘are they real?’, so they do what they say on the box!

Yes, £18.50 is a big price tag for a mascara BUT, nonetheless this is better than any high-street mascara I’ve used (and that’s quite a few-I’m an eye lash feind), giving the maximum colour, length and volume. You wont know how good your eyes can look until you’ve tried it. At the moment there’s a little deal on, where you buy one mascara, and get a mini one free! It’s super cute, and actually very useful for doing the bottom lashes, so hurry on out and get yours…

Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’

I also found some Rituals Shower Foam at a ‘Special Price’, down from £6.90 to £3.90, I’d heard about this product already on Beauty Crush and LLYMLRS (two of my favourite British blogs), so decided to try them. I have to say I love this product too, it smells amazing and is really foamy, my favourite is the ‘Yogi Flow’ Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil.

Rituals Shower Foam

Rituals Shower Foam

Next I found a few bits for my new home, the student accommodation in Leeds I’m moving into next week (yikes!!). It’s a really new building, brand new in fact, and has a nice modern and ‘clean’ look to it, so I bought this jewellery organiser from Stackers, to keep my rings, necklaces, etc in. At only £14 I think this was a good bargain, seeing as it’s quite big with different compartments for different jewellery types. Stackers  make lots of variations of this product; with lid, without, different colours etc. They’re available from John Lewis (obviously!) and Amazon too,

Stacker's jewellery organiser

Stacker’s jewellery organiser

I also got this gorgeous ‘Pomegranate Blanc’ candle by StoneGlow Candles London, it smells amazing, and candles can add some warmth and comfort to your room, which is exactly what I need in my new home.

Pomegranate Blanc candle £11

Pomegranate Blanc candle £11

Leighton Denny All for One clear coat £11

Leighton Denny All for One clear coat £11

Lastly was a new top coat, since my OPI Nail Envy ran out I’ve been needing a new one, although I’d love to replace the OPI it’s really quite expensive (about £16). So instead I got this, Leighton Denny All for One, a brand I’ve never tried before, but I’m so far very impressed. It adds a good amount of shine, and can be used as a base coat too (very handy!).

All in all a great trip to John Lewis, which ended with cake, what more could you ask for?!



Details: Scarf from UO sale £9, Rings from www.shopdixi.com £2.50 for two

Details: Scarf from UO sale £9, Rings from http://www.shopdixi.com £2.50 for two

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, did you buy anything nice?

Ciao, Bella