Friday I’m in Love | Kelela

Kelela (pronounced Kuh-lay-la) is by no means new on the music scene. Her mix tape Cut 4 Me that earned her a lot of attention was released around 6 months ago now. The 30-year-old LA rapper/songstress works with LA label … Continue reading

Let me introduce myself . . .

I’ve always had a love of fashion, or more importantly good style
Whether or not I love the clothes others wear, I can always appreciate great style.

I think I get this from my mother who always has had a very driven sense of style, what she likes and doesn’t like
Some call it fussy, I call it knowing what you love, and not settling for less.

As a student (I’m studying New Media at The University of Leeds) naturally my fashion revolves around a strict budget, therefore the high-street is my go to, my old friend and my gateway to fashion

H’n’M may not be Hermes, and Topshop not Tom Ford, but the high street does deliver wearable versions of the ‘real’ fashion I do so love to drool over in Vogue and InStyle.

This blog is simply my way of me getting a bit creative and expressing my love for all things style, be it clothes, beauty, accessories, or indeed anything else.

I hope you enjoy it!