Brisbane Eats | Dovetail on Overend


There are many things that have impressed me about Brisbane in my first few weeks here; the weather, the exotic wildlife, and the friendliness of the people I’ve met. However the thing which has perhaps impressed me the most the, especially in contrast to the UK, is the abundance of gluten free food on offer. Almost all cafes will have an impressive array of GF options. As my mother has been coeliac for as long as I can remember I know just how frustrating it can be when there is a lack of options for those who live a gluten free life.


One of the best I’ve encountered so far has to be Dovetail on Overend. A modest but stylish little cafe in  the middle of an unassuming, sleepy Brisbane neighbourhood.

The reason we had made the journey out of the city into the suburbs was that we had heard a rumour of….healthy donuts. Surely it cant be?!

Well introducing Nodo Donuts, a company who’s mission is to provide Australia with healthy healthier donuts: ‘ Made with gluten free, organic & natural ingredients. Free from preservatives, artificial colours & flavours. Baked…and never fried.’ Oh, and really bloody delicious.

We came for the donuts, but stayed for an entire brunch experience. Dovetail is also renowned in coffe-crazed Brisbane for its brewing abilities so we ordered a couple of coffees and sat down on the quaint outdoor bench over looking the quiet street.

Almond milk piccolo for me…


And a mocha for the coffee beginner…


We poured over the menu and landed on the Baked Eggs #7, I’ll let the picture do the talking here…


A base layer of beef chilli con carne, topped with two eggs and goats cheese. Served up with some freshly toasted gluten free bread. The bread was far superior to the usual dry, flimsy offering that coeliacs will have undoubtedly become accustomed to elsewhere.


Next up was the main event. Nodo Donuts are restocked at Dovetail every Wednesday and Saturday; the perfect humpday treat. We went for Blueberry Cheesecake.



As the donuts are baked and not fried it’s more like a moist little cake than a donut, but amazing nonetheless. I’d choose it over a Krispy Kream any day. It wasn’t just super tasty, but it did actually feel a little healthy, with real blueberries hidden under a layer of cream cheese icing which was just the right level of sweetness.

We saved the best ’til last…


Most certainly not healthy in any way.


Meet the gluten free brownie bathed in a salted caramel sauce, this was worth the trip out of the city in itself.

I can’t recommend Dovetail on Overend highly enough, especially for those with dietary requirements; they have truly hit the nail on the head with their gluten free offerings. Where is your favourite place for gluten free goodies?

Ciao, Bella.


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